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Thunder & Bushfire Storms


Early warning of Thunderstorms (2 hours),Severe Storms* (at least 2 hours),Cyclones, Hurricanes and Typhoons (24 hours Early Warning& 5 hours Final Warning)Firestorms (at least 1 hour) and Gales.Each has a its own alarm and separate notification.*This notification is also given for Cyclones, Hurrianes, Typhoons, Extratropical Cyclones, Tropical Storms and Weather Bombs.
• The barometric pressure, its rate of change (last hour and last 3 hours) and temperature are displayed.
• My Barometer Rules for thunderstorms, Severe Thunderstorms, firestorms and Gales are displayed.• App is especially useful for firefighters, weather watchers, storm spotters and chasers.
• App can be used anywhere on land or sea where an internet, Wi-Fi or mobile phone connection is available.
• You can estimate the wind speed over the sea using an on-screen guide.
• App allows you to share with your friends on social networks.
* satisfies Severe Thunderstorm criteria